Christine Lai Design

Campin Hotel Interactive

UI/UX + Branding for CAMPIN, a fully interactive hotel for an unique indoor camping experience.



UI/UX + Branding, a fully interactive hotel for an unique indoor camping experience, hence, “camp-in”.


Guidance Brian Boyl, Clive Pieracy

First concept Sep - Dec 2015

Interaction Expansion Jan - Apr 2017

ArtCenter College of Design \

Project breakdown

Device Ecosystem | Mobile Interface | Kiosk Interface

Lounge Environmental Projection | Hotel Wall Interface

Guestroom Environmental Interface

Device Ecosystem

Mobile UI

Learn about the hotel's unique experience. It connects users and friends through invitation, learning about the interaction possibilities + serves as user's Identity check in at the hotel. 

Campin Final Presentation Christine Lai 42.jpg

Kiosk UI

Once customers arrive at the Campin Hotel, they will find easy to spot check-in Kiosk, along the interactive wall. 


Tattoo UI

Using Identity semi-tattoo for interactive action.



A doorbell man comes to takes customers's luggages to her room, Customer is free to explore the hotel. 

Immerse in virtual space by hologram projection.

Customers in the lounge area enjoys a public virtual environmental space created by surrounding hologram projection. 





Interactive walls digitally connects activities with guests.


Finding a restaurant scenario/ interfaces. 

Interactive Experience at the restaurant


Guestroom Wall Interfaces

Private virtual campin Interaction

Inside the hotel room, is a customizable space for customers to enjoy the Campin experience. They can choose to be anywhere in the world, with customizable simulation, including time, temperture, location, humedity and more. 




More details of this Project will be updated soon.