interactive hotel

A FUlly interactive hotel experience. 

This is a concept for a complete interactive hotel experience. Designed for the urban citizens, Campin hotel simulates things, animals, places in any era customer desires. This hotel focus on providing safe and desirable simulation of otherwise extreme difficult or impossible experiences to users. 

Branding   UIUX   Art Direction | Guidence: Brian Boyl · Clive Pieracy

Project Duration:

First concept - Fall: Sep - Dec 2015 // ArtCenter College of Design

Interaction Expansion - Spring: Jan - Apr 2017 // ArtCenter College of Design 

Device Ecosystem



The Campin app is where customers can learn about the hotel's unique interactive experience. The app connects users and friends to easily book the hotel experience together with invitation. It also serves as user's Identity check in at the hotel. 





Once customers arrive at the Campin Hotel, they will find easy to spot check-in Kiosk, along the interactive wall. 


This is the Kiosk interaction designs. Customer checks in for the hotel and gets a temporary tattoo for the interactive hotel experience. 


A doorbell man comes to takes customers's luggages to her room, Customer is free to explore the hotel. 

Customers in the lounge area enjoys a public virtual envrionmental space created by immsersive hologram projection. 





After check in, customers can continuously connect with the hotel through interactive wall. They can use it to find restaurants or other activities in the hotel. 


A visual walk through of the wall interface. 

Guestroom Wall Interfaces

Inside the hotel room, is a private space for customers to enjoy the virtual Campin experience. They can choose to be anywhere in the world, with customizable simulation, including time. 



A walk through of the Campin Hotel scenario here. 

More details of this Project will be updated soon.