The future telescope for astronomy fans 

Galasphere is a comprehensive telescope system for any beginners. Including a home base, portable telescope and stand. The opportunity is to always have an immersive stargazing experience and connect the community together. Galasphere minimize current pain points from bulky telescope, learning curve and unsatisfied star viewing experience due to time and weather pollution.My contribution includes research, ideations, concept, posters, art direction, scenario animation and UI/UX design.

UIUX    Branding   MOTION   Prodcut

Guidence | Brian Boyl · Jeff Higashi

Team | Christine Lai · Yu Huang · Jason Liu

Project Duration:

Fall: Sept - Dec 2016 // ArtCenter College of Design

Featured in:

ArtCenter Gallery


Logo Design


The logo embodies the main ideas of Galasphere, which are: Emmersive, Directed and Connected experience with stargazing.

It starts with a base of a round shape to present the stars we see guided through the telescope.

We're connected to the stars and stargazing community through knowledge, The multiple colors represent lighs emits by the stars with multiple wavelengths. 

The dynamtic logo movement suggest a emmersive experience, by being in the present with the stars. 


Interface Designs





Scenario scenes of product user experience and interfaces.

I was fully responsible of the  animation production of the scenario video 

Full scenario video is coming soon.




Product Video


Finish Product Photography


Final Team Presentation


More details of this project will be updated soon.