Christine Lai Design

Laxmi [Packaging]






 Rebrand and repackaging for LAXMI, an Indian food brand into a personable aesthetic for the American market.

Guidance: Ania Borysiewicz

Project Duration: Spring : Jan - Apr 2016

ArtCenter College of Design




What is Laxmi?

Laxmi is a brand from the House of Spices (HOS) opened in 1970. The founders are Soni brothers who came to America to study engineering. They long for the taste of home, and eventually open up house of spices in New York City. The brand is meant for American Market. The products of Laxmi are made pure, fresh and wholesome. They started their product for home cook recipes, and made to perfection through cooking and experimenting. 

Target Audience

Laxmi is suitable for people who find a balance diet is essential to their lifestyle. Intelligent individuals who believes meditation and solid fundamentals to benefit health positively. They are busy, but wants authentic formulas to strengthen their health through diet. They are willing bodies who will adopt new plans into their routine.  They want to restore or maintain their youth and energy, may include athletic, performing artists, mothers and more.  

Laxmi is a quality Indian food brand that can be found in any Indian supermarket, however it's lack of branding does not adequately depict the brand. This project is to conceptually rebrand Laxmi into an representable brand in the American market.