Christine Lai Design

MFIT Museum Rebrand

A museum rebrand from identity, font, spatial to interaction design. An overall concept merging the past with the future.




Rebranding Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology

MFIT is The Museum of Fashion institute of Technology, located in New York. FIT is one of the top fashion design schools and the museum there is not to be missed. I have rebrand MFIT as a new idea of fashion that started with fabric but is not bound by it. The brand expresses the idea of fashion for all times, past, present and future. FUSE is a concept exhibition for MFIT,  base on futuristic fashion that is all about expression, purpose, while merging the lines of fashion, technology and chemistry.


Guidance Brad Barlett
Project Sept - Dec 2016
School ArtCenter College of Design


Current Branding

The current branding strives to be timeless with sans serif, and not having the common fashionistic strong contrast serif. However it doesn't express the elegance or the ideas of futuristic fashion concepts.


Logo Concept

Using X to represent cross threads that becomes a modular form of the typeface. I created the typeface to form the logo.


FUSE is a concept technology & science fashion exhibition at MFIT. 

Fuse is a contemporary fashion design exhibition featuring artist designers with 3D and chemistry based design works. The typeface is aligned with MFIT's modular concept. The variation of cubes symbolize 3D technology and its evolution change in merging with science. 


Designer line up