Olympic Collection For Urban Decay

Skaphia is a concept limited-edition makeup line for Urban Decay. The name Skaphia comes from the mirror that lights up the fire in Olympic Games. The main structure of the design is inspired by repetitive body movements of the athletics and pleated fabrics of the Greek goddesses. 

The project is designed for the near future, with smart packaging that connects with smart unattended retail space, application, and mirror application. 

Packaging   UIUX   Branding   Retail   Product | Guidence: Gerardo Herrera

Project Duration:

Spring: Jan - Apr 2017 // ArtCenter College of Design

Photoshoot: July 2017 // James Chou, Christine Lai


ArtCenter College of Design: Graphic Design Gallery

Packaging of the World: March 2018

World Packaging Design Society : March 2018

Penta Awards March 2018



Urban Decay products are tested for extreme sports for its longevity. That's where the concept collaboration of this line started. By using athletics as the presentation of the Skaphia line shows various capabilities of the product, such as sweat-proof, water-proof, and long-lasting.

Primary Packaging Renders

I designed three collections in this line, Hera, Flame and Olympus.


Smart Mirror Application

Based on trends, smart packaging are linked with smart mirrors in retail and home space for best user experience. Forecasting near future application for smart mirrors at home. The application provides new looks and tutorials base on products. It also tracks inventory by connecting with the NFC within Skaphia's primary packaging. 


Unattended Retail

Provide retail opportunity to fit into customers busy lives. Allow open interaction with audience to test out makeup virtually before purchase.



Provide connection between the home and public retail space. User can easily save the looks they virtually tried at home with smart mirror application, have the looks synced with iWatch application to easily manage what products they want to test out or purchase in retails store. 


Art Direction & rendering