Christine Lai Design
Skaphia Family Shot

Skaphia Smart Interactive Packaging

Packaging design for SKAPHIA, a concept limited edition Olympics makeup line for Urban Decay. A complete ecosystem from smart packaging to interactive designs.





Packaging design, branding, UI for Skaphia, a concept limited edition Olympics makeup line for Urban Decay. 


Project Jan - Apr 2017
School ArtCenter College of Design
Photoshoot July 2017, James Chou, Christine Lai
Featured ArtCenter Graphic Design Gallery

World Packaging Design Society: March 2018
Pentawards Feature: March 2018
Packaging of the World Feature: March 2018


Skaphia is made for extreme sports, with prestigious and elegance. Urban Decay products are tested for its longevity. In collaboration with Olympics, Skaphia represents various capabilities of the product line, such as sweat-proof, water-proof, and long-lasting makeup.


Primary Packaging Renderings

Using Solid Works and Keyshot industrial softwares to create these custom pieces in exploded and complete form. The three theme collections are Hera, Flame and Olympus.


Smart Mirror Application

User experience design with brands providing value through application and smart packaging. 

The Smart Mirror Application new looks and tutorials base on products. It also tracks inventory by connecting with the NFC within Skaphia's primary smart packaging. 


Unattended Retail

Retail interaction design for the fast-paced urban audience. The unattended retail provides sales and learning space into customers busy lives. The open interaction with audience to test out makeup virtually before purchase provides product education and sales. 


Watch UI

Connected with smart mirror application, the iWatch application easily manage user profile for product testing and purchasing. 


Art Direction & rendering